Roulette Sniper Don’t buy without reading

I have just discovered a brilliant new roulette software program called Roulette sniper, that will help give you an edge over the casinos.

Although it’s extremely simple and easy to use, it’s very powerful, and a ‘must have’ tool for any online roulette player like yourself.

You can find out more about here: at Roulette Sniper

It’s really cool and allows to you track multiple potential bets at the same time. It then gives you an alert when your system bet comes up, and tells you what amount to bet with.

That might not sound too impressive, but think about this…

Lets say you had a system where you only bet when a particular dozen hasn’t come in, for say…10 times.

Now, it can be pretty time consuming waiting for this to happen, but the real pain is the all the bets you end up missing!

Lets say you are monitoring the first dozen of numbers 1 to 12.

Now, while you have your eyes glued waiting for that particular dozen to miss 10 times, you don’t spot all the other dozens and column bets that have not spun in for 10, 12 or even 15 times+ themselves!

Without help from a powerful tracking tool like this, it’s virtually impossible to keep track of all these potential bets.

And it gets even better…

It doesn’t just track dozens and columns bets!

You tell it what bets you want it to track and how many spins it needs to miss, and the software will alert you when a potential bet comes up automatically.

…all at the same time, with minimum effort!

Imagine the edge this is going to give you, not to mention the amount of time it will save you!

Amazingly, this thing is dirt cheap and I was really surprised when I saw how much it was. Most players will probably make back what it costs during their first session using it.

The guy has also put up a number of demo videos, so you can see for yourself how it all works here